5 ways to make your Halloween house party in Scotland an historic event

The striking and unique Aldourie Castle was originally made for flamboyant parties and social celebrations. It was founded in 1626, originally as a Laird’s house. Namely Laird Alexander Macintosh of Kyllachie. We can’t guarantee his ghost – or any other ghouls for that matter. But we can promise an authentic and luxurious setting for your Halloween house party in Scotland.

1. Choose an historic and authentically spooky setting

With 500 acres of private grounds set against an ethereal Highlands backdrop, Aldourie Castle is definitely a contender for an authentic Halloween house party.  Outside, come nightfall, it can be eerily quiet, with only the owls for company.  The Highlands setting on Loch Ness is ideal for ghost stories, Halloween hunts and late night walks.

The long winding drive down to the Castle is accessed via a quiet and winding B-road that stretches back to Inverness. In the autumn and winter months the light suddenly disappears leaving only your instincts and headlights to guide you in through the large iron gates. Needless to say the first glimpse of your private Castle for your Halloween house party in Scotland can seem a little spooky.

Aldourie Castle Estate is famed amongst previous private stay guests for its ancient family graveyard concealed in the woods. The arboretum begins at the east side of the Castle and continues out through the Estate that runs alongside Loch Ness.  The square shaped graveyard is as authentic as they come with an old thatched roof entrance through iron gates with a matching railing enclosing the grave stones. There is even a pet cemetery within; a touching sentiment that brings even more heart and charm to this historic private hire property.

2. Stay in large bedrooms – on your own!

The Castle sleeps 24 guests in beautiful and spacious bedrooms with tall ceilings and hidden doors. Each bedroom door features an old key for privacy from the rest of your Halloween party. But remember: ghosts and ghouls don’t use doors! Spiral staircases lead to towers and turrets beckoning footsteps forever onwards and upwards.

The Castle features its own enchantingly decorated oratory for private prayer part way up one of the western turrets. The fabled Loch Ness Monster is boldly depicted upon its walls sparking deep dreams for any overly-imaginative guests. All 12 bedrooms and private bathrooms are dotted throughout the upper floors and a long hallway spreads from the west to the east of the Castle. Listen out for squeaky floorboards and hope for lashings of Scottish Highlands wind and rain to rattle the windows if you’re determined to enjoy your historic Halloween house party in Scotland.

3. Dine with a grand Halloween feast

The main hall in Aldourie Castle is designed for entertaining. And the dining room creates the perfect Halloween dinner backdrop with its dark wood panelled walls, richly coloured wallpaper and lavish curtains. Of course you and your private house party of guests must do these spacious rooms justice by hosting the most exquisite and delicious Halloween drinks reception and dinner. May we suggest champagne and aperitifs by the main hall fireside? Aldourie’s personal chef will discuss your requirements for your feast; perhaps a four course dinner in true Scottish style finishing with a selection of indulgent desserts?

4. Dress up – of course!

A Halloween house party is not complete without going outside after dark. Move your party beyond the Aldourie Castle walls and head out to the back terrace. If you’re going to spend Halloween in an historic Castle in the middle of nowhere then make sure you use this glorious outdoor space. The Castle garden features topiary tree-lined paths that lead the eye to wonderful views straight down to Loch Ness. Atmospheric lighting will accentuate your Halloween costumes, make-up and party attire. Don’t miss any photo opportunities; the deep limestone harl of the Castle and the eerie woodland create a gothic back drop for your party.

The Aldourie hospitality team would be happy to organise a small fireworks display for your authentic Halloween house party. Let us tempt you with a menacingly good cocktail for you to sip whilst watching the sky come to life with fireworks over a pitch black Loch Ness.

5. Celebrate Halloween with your favourite people

You might opt to spend your Halloween house party cosied up in a woolly jumper by the fire with a mug of hot chocolate. Or celebrate in style with champagne, good food and great music till past midnight. Or you might be encouraged by the children to venture out into the woods for Halloween ghost stories and spooky walks. However you wish to celebrate the scary season, we know you’ll want to share these moments with family or friends. Aldourie Castle can provide an authentic and historic back drop to your Halloween celebrations. And help to make this an historic event for you all to look back on and treasure. Call 01463 751309 to enquire about booking this scarily fabulous private hire property on Loch Ness.


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