Enjoy a Stay in Loch Ness – Without Hunting Nessie

It’s famous – or infamous, depending upon your perspective – across the world. The legendary monster has been the subject of news scandals, films, books and television dramas but with all this attention, it is Loch Ness itself that has become the hidden treasure. Nessie is ubiquitous whenever the Loch is mentioned, and that has led to many of the features of this beautiful place being overlooked.

There’s so much on offer for short breaks in Loch Ness besides monster hunting so we decided to present a guide to enjoying a holiday cottage stay in Loch Ness – without getting involved in all that monster business!

Aldourie Castle Loch Ness Monster Hunting Nessie

Here are five things to do in Loch Ness without going Nessie hunting.

Urquhart Castle

This fantastic medieval castle, right on the shores of the Loch, has seen more than its fair share of conflict over the centuries. The centre of battles between the English and the Scots, and infighting amongst the Lords of the land, Urquhart was a place where much blood was spilled. Today, it lies in ruins, but enough of it survives to provide an impressive location to visit.

Explore Inverness

At the mouth of the River Ness, the city of Inverness is a treasure trove of shops, historic locations, and things to do. The cathedral and castle both make great places to explore, the Victorian market provides plenty of shopping opportunities, and for a more relaxing time, you can buy yourself a day ticket and go salmon fishing on the riverbanks.

Cycle some of Great Glenn Way

Cutting its way through some of Scotland’s most stunning scenery, Great Glenn Way is a 79 mile-long track popular with walkers and cyclists alike. It takes around 6 days to complete on foot, so you won’t be able to ride it all, but hiring bikes is a great way to see more of the jaw-dropping mountainous terrain than if you were to walk it.

Boat tripcycling low res Hunting Nessie

You don’t have to be looking for you-know-what to enjoy a boat trip on the Loch. If you are going to come for a short break to the Loch, it makes sense to see it up close. A boat trip gives you a perspective on the surrounding landscape you won’t get otherwise, allows you to spot some great wildlife, and is perhaps one of the most refreshing experiences you’ll have while staying in your holiday cottage.


What a landscape to play in. Golf is a sport that really allows you to appreciate the local landscape. And with more than a dozen local clubs featuring two or three elite golf courses only a few miles away, the perfect golfing experience is right on your doorstep. Slow the pace, take in the view, and play a few holes. What could be better on a short break after a busy week?


Holiday cottages in Loch Ness

For accommodation that matches the quality and appeal of the local area look no further than Aldourie’s holiday cottages, they’re perfect for short breaks – so start planning yours today.


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