5 ways to send a postcard from a beautiful Scottish Castle

There’s nothing like sitting down somewhere comfortable on holiday and taking the time to write a postcard to relatives or a close friend. It marks an experience in time and evokes a memory whenever you stumble across it again in the future. A postcard is also a way of sharing your own experience of a special place with those people who mean so much to you. Postcards are treasured by family members just like a private castle vacation will always hold a place in your heart.

At Aldourie, we really believe in the importance of the handwritten message. For instance, we love reading the heartfelt notes left by guests at the Castle in our leather bound book. (It’s like something out of Harry Potter, honestly.) Or the reviews of the four holiday cottages which each have their own guest book too. Our luxury bedrooms each feature a comfy chair and desk so as to encourage guests to spend time writing to a loved one during their stay in this private castle. Guests can pick up postcards on their days out around Loch Ness and the Highlands. But we also leave a blank card in each of the bedrooms showcasing a beautiful photo of Aldourie Castle – in case nothing else can match up! Here we share our 5 favourite spots from which to write a postcard at Aldourie Castle.

From the bath in Print Bathroom

Firstly, let’s set the scene. Turn on the hot tap, get into your dressing gown, light a candle and ask for a glass of Aldourie’s house red wine. As soon as you sink deep into the free-standing tub that gazes out over the serene parkland your thoughts will turn to calm. Now you’re ready to put pen to paper. Get inspiration from the artwork surrounding you in Print Bathroom; from enchanting winding staircases to vast highlands landscapes. Don’t forget the bubble bath!

From the desk in Lorimer Bedroom

Make yourself comfortable. On chilly autumn evening, switch on the beautiful Tiffany lamp and let us pour you a glass of your favourite Scottish tipple. Be inspired by the room’s interior decoration from dark woods to tactile fabrics, rich colours and decorative prints. This is surely enough to get your creative juices flowing for a vivid portrayal of your exclusive use experience.

From the settee in the Drawing Room

Looking out over the parkland towards the woods, be sure to have a pot of steaming tea with a slice of fresh cake and get comfy. Spark your imagination with the portraits on the wall. Aldourie’s history is portrayed before you, all the way to the Fraser-Tytler family members. Each have their own story to tell, just like you. The luxurious fabrics of the drawing room in ruby red and various blues will fuel your stories with texture, colour and elegance.

From beside the fireplace in the main hall

This viewpoint through stunning full length windows takes in the terrace and Victorian-inspired Castle garden recently designed by Tom Stuart-Smith. Let the symmetry of the outdoor space help to order and simplify your Highland experiences to make a perfect postcard read. Become entranced by the gentle warming flames within the enormous fireplace. This was only recently discovered in the interior renovation of the hall.

From beneath the tree on the shoreline of Loch Ness

During a cottage stay in one of our four beautiful holiday cottages on Loch Ness, head for the outdoors. This spot is perfect from which to write your postcard. On a spring or summer’s day pour yourself a glass of elderflower or if nippy outside bring with you a flask of hot chocolate. This private place under the shelter of such a beautiful tree is a writer’s paradise. It’s a bit pebbly as far as seats go so be sure to take a thick, cosy blanket with you from the cottage linen cupboard.


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