What makes Aldourie the most peaceful Highlands holiday retreat?

Aldourie was created as a mansion house in 1626. Back in the day, the ever-welcoming home was built during one of those rare times when Scotland was at peace. Over the years it has been apparent to private guests of Aldourie that this peacefulness is continually present. In fact, it is there the moment you walk through the doors. So, just what does make this enchanting Castle on Loch Ness the most peaceful Highlands holiday retreat?peaceful Highlands holiday retreat

The warmest of welcomes

Aldourie Castle is renowned for its warmth in welcoming all guests and that makes them feel very special indeed. It’s become a tradition here. Nothing comes more naturally to our dedicated hospitality team than making each and every guests feel at home from the moment they walk through the Castle door. Let us take your coat, your bags, sit you by the fire and offer you a drink of your choosing as you rest from your journey and take in your new surroundings.
Aldourie on Loch Ness is a peaceful Highlands holiday retreat like no other and its sincere warm Scottish welcome will be alongside you throughout your private stay. Read more about our 5 star hospitality that has been appreciated by previous private parties.peaceful Highlands holiday retreat

Relaxed living rooms to emulate a home

The Castle interior has always pleased guests who have rented the luxury holiday property on Loch Ness. The deep, rich colour palettes, luxurious fabrics and exquisitely soft furnishings all help guests to feel instantly relaxed here. The flow between the public rooms on the ground floor enables guests to find each space, naturally and with ease. Interlinking doors give a relaxed and informal air to the generous living space, making each room as inviting as the last. Our website gives a true feel of the downstairs through photographs and descriptions. Although nothing can beat experiencing Aldourie in the present moment to appreciate its relaxed atmosphere. Relaxation is easy in this peaceful Highlands holiday retreat.

A handful of bedrooms in spacious quarters

Aldourie Castle is far from a hotel is so many ways. It still has the feel of the original mansion house as it features only 12 bedrooms. And the bedrooms are able to offer each guest a real sense of personal space because the property is so generously sized . This in turn provides each guest with the peace and quiet expected from a private hire property. Each bedroom and private bathroom in your peaceful Highlands holiday retreat is individually styled, and themed. So at Aldourie Castle, even though you book as a party of guests (up to 24 people) your bedroom quarters are unique to you.

Heavy drapes adorn every window and each room features numerous. Every window in the Georgian style offers a large canvas of the outdoors to admire, whether it be wild Highland terrain or landscaped gardens. In this way, the space guests enjoy within their bedroom extends to incorporate the beauty and magic of nature.

Landscaped gardens and restored wildland grounds evoke happiness

To improve upon the experience for exclusive use guests, Aldourie has spent the past two years creating a structured way to explore the best parts of the 500 acre Estate. Through this revised layout we have subtly linked the four main garden areas inviting guests to take a specific route. Whereby they can take in the authenticity and nostalgia of Aldourie and learn of its history along the way. The marina, graveyard and walled garden are just a few of the outdoor features within the large Estate.

A walled garden a place of fresh flowers and food, of growth and life and colour. Its look, its aura and reason, changes with each season. It is there for Aldourie’s use and for the joy of our private guests: ‘One is nearer God’s heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth’ (Streamside, Geoffrey Smith). We strongly believe Aldourie is one of the most peaceful Highlands holiday retreats. For you to believe it, we invite you to stay.

Historic setting evokes gratification for the simple things

This Highlands Castle with a dramatic backdrop is ideal for a house party where the company and the setting are the main ingredients. Aldourie is a peaceful rural retreat away from the pressures of modern life. Put down your mobile phones, the TV and laptops. Instead, choose yourself a book from the library, indulge in home-cooked Scottish food or take our Castle dog Lizzie out for a walk in the parkland or a paddle in Loch Ness. Later, partake in some old-fashioned family fun – board games, a billiard table, chess, cards are all there for the taking. Why not have fun exploring with a game of Hide and Seek in the Castle?peaceful Highlands holiday retreat

Aldourie Castle Estate is a place of warmth, relaxation, freedom of space and soothing surroundings. Discover this historic and magnificent peaceful Highlands holiday retreat on Loch Ness. Please contact us on
+44 (0) 1463 751309 or info@aldouriecastle.co.uk.


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