Revitalised Gardens & Grounds

Aldourie Castle gardens and grounds project

Aldourie Castle Estate recently underwent some redevelopment in order to revitalise the gardens and grounds to significantly improve the setting of the Castle and the experience for exclusive use guests.

Main objectives of the project

Aldourie is part of the Wildland group of properties, committed to conservation across the Scottish Highlands and beyond. The overarching objective of the project was to create a garden of outstanding renown that matches the quality of the Castle interiors and reflects both the architectural heritage of Aldourie and the Arts and Crafts movement. Another key element of the gardens project was to make a sharper distinction between the managed garden areas and the wider landscape of the park, field and woodland. The latter is now managed more sustainably to encourage biodiversity on this Highlands Estate.

Aldourie Castle is a luxury rental property uniquely located on the shores of Loch Ness. An additional benefit of the gardens and grounds project was that it would serve to encourage exclusive use guests to visit different parts of the Estate during their personalised stay. The landscape has been designed, therefore, for guests to come across diverse attractions along their journey which will engage their interest.

Working with Tom Stuart-Smith

Once it was decided to revitalise the gardens and grounds, the plan was to develop the gardens to create a fitting, high quality setting for the Castle. Aldourie employed a head gardener, Elliott Forsyth, who is passionate about innovative landscaping for historic settings. Elliott and his dedicated team have been thrilled to work alongside landscape architect, garden designer and writer Tom Stuart-Smith, an inspirational leader in his field.

Aldourie Castle is privileged to have had Tom design the revised Estate incorporating the four main garden areas. Further projects on the Estate are afoot for Tom and the Aldourie gardeners and we look forward to sharing these on our website soon.