Rooms to Relax in

Comfortable spaces for private party bookings

Whether your stay at Aldourie is for pleasure, business or simply to get away from your busy life, we will provide comfortable and elegant rooms to relax in at the Castle enabling you to feel at home.

The interiors of Aldourie Castle have the grace and scale of an historic house yet their intimacy and cosy warmth dispel any notion of formality. Each room and space is decorated with high quality traditional furnishings and richly coloured, luxurious fabrics, all designed to be used and touched. Sprawl out on chaise longues with a good book or curl up on cosy arm chairs in front of the fire. The unique style of Aldourie makes guests want to explore every inch from the depths of its wine cellar to the tips of its turrets.

The light, airy Main Hall is central to the first floor layout of the Castle. In the summertime sunlight spills in through its numerous windows creating the perfect space for welcome drinks, meet and greets, small presentations or masterclasses.

The deep ruby of the Red Drawing Room is the perfect, private and scenic space for meeting and socialising.

It is large enough to hold a celebration reception but it’s individual cosy areas create privacy for various activities at one time.

Savour a fine wine and good conversation in the sophisticated Dining Room where the beautiful dining table can be dressed for impressive corporate banquets or laid out for informal family gatherings. Deep green walls are lined in gold and punctuated with hanging portraits and two large windows look out onto expansive Castle grounds.

Experience the warm atmosphere and earthy scents in the wood panelled Laird’s Room either waking up with a hearty Scottish breakfast or during a board meeting with a gently burning fire. Enjoy a lazy lunch or afternoon tea with friends whilst sipping champagne on the terrace, just metres from the water’s edge, and lose yourself in majestic views of the Highland hills and Loch Ness.

In the evening, let yourself drift back in time to a world gone by in the Castle Library, an enchanting, peaceful place to unwind during a family holiday. Later, a game or two with a glass of whisky in the Billiard Room is a favourite among house party guests.